With years of experience as operators, buyers and chefs in the fresh food industry, we know how your world works.

We’ve experienced the same operational and financial challenges as you. And we’ve struggled with software that didn’t fill us with much confidence. Until now.

Working with Microsoft engineers and over 2,000 suppliers, we created Caternet – a ‘one stop shop’ web portal that enables you to modernise your purchasing, reporting and financial systems saving you time, money and hassle.

Screen displaying our hospitality purchasing software

What Caternet can mean to you?

Automated stock management and price control


Prices that are benchmarked thanks to fast, accurate online stock control, live purchasing, forecasting and reporting. And at the end of the week – reduced admin time.

Hospitality purchasing software


Accurate real-time online reporting and HMRC accredited invoices that integrate into your finance software – saving you time and unnecessary paperwork.

Specific hospitality purchasing solutions

Business Leader

Live accurate data 24 hours a day, means faster management reports. Leaving you to focus on growth and making precise cash flow projections.

Free hospitality procurement software


Control your orders, dispatches and payments online, in real-time. Fewer disputes, quicker payments and new relationships. And the best bit? It’s free to trade.

How Caternet works

Hospitality real time purchasing software

Guaranteed real-time purchasing

Shopping around for the best price may save you money, but it can cost you in time. With Caternet’s live price guide you can guarantee you’re getting competitive purchasing for all your procurement needs, not just food and drink.

Our easy to understand traffic light system, enables you to see the high and low prices of comparable products, leaving you free to negotiate what’s best for your operation.

Screen shot of eProcurement software

Control costs and eliminate overspends

Caternet software means you can say goodbye to over spending. Mirroring your approved budgets and utilising your existing finance system, our software provides you with full control over your spending.

Simply set specific, authorised spending levels at a user, group or departmental level across all your trading locations, and feel rest assured your budget won’t be broken.

Screenshot of eProcurement analytics

Precise reporting

Eliminating the chance of errors and modernising your reporting and financial systems couldn’t be easier. Our software will replicate your own chart of accounts and facilitate forecasting. You’ll be able to enjoy accurate analytics including stock consumption and profitability right down to item level.

And, to make every report easy to track and audit, every invoice adjustment is date stamped approved by HMRC.

Building new clients through our software

Retain or build new supplier relationships

Relationships are important. So when you’re in the hospitality industry we realise the last thing you want to happen is to be let down. That’s why our software is accessible on all devices and browsers, which means your trusted suppliers can join Caternet for free.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for new relationships, Caternet can help there too. With over 2,000 suppliers already onboard with us, it’s easy to discover new ones with our free-to-trade portal.

Hospitality purchasing software that works for you

With individual modules, Caternet provides solutions that are intuitive and user friendly. Whether you start with one module or a few, you’ll find they work seamlessly together and will quickly benefit your business.

eProcurement module of hospitality purchasing software


Fully maintained and updated by suppliers, who allow you to accept or reject any cost changes to their goods or services, can reduce your annual spend by between 5-15%.


Live online reporting, real time visibility on orders, accurate analytics, and automated control on expenditure means clients like you save an average of 40 hours per month in admin time.


Streamline your activities. Remove manual processes. Eradicate inaccuracies. Benefit from instant data and accurate forecasting that saves you both time and money.

Live stock control eProcurement module

Stock management

Improve your gross profit position with precise control of purchasing spend, stock and analytics. And receive alerts for any price changes, which could affect your expected margins.

Live Recipe eProcurement module

Recipes & Allergens

Remove the concern of meeting current and future allergen and nutrition legislation with our comprehensive recipes and allergens module. Making ordering of supplies more efficient and effective.

Dedicated and reliable support

  • Our UK based team will manage the integration with your systems
  • Set up is simple
  • We can set up your existing suppliers
  • Support with first orders, invoices, receiving goods etc
  • Inductions to the system with help notes and training videos
  • UK based telephone support line
  • Free fast and efficient upgrades, whenever we identify anything requiring improvement

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