Supplier testimonial

I always wanted to focus more on why I got into the F&B business in the first place; giving our customers the best products (mine) with the sort of service I know I would want if I were them. Instead I seemed to be spending more and more time chasing up money I was owed, trying to make sure we have invoiced as we should and feeling that I wasn’t missing anything.

The Caternet team is very down to earth, and I felt they spoke my language as they have ex-chefs on the staff who understood what the business is really about. Caternet’s team also asked for my input into what other things I would like the system to do for me; that way they feel they can give more of what their customers need – just as I do with mine. It’s obvious when you think about it, but not what I thought a software business would be into.

The three tools that have helped me the most are:

  1. E-statements – I get paid quicker and any invoice conflicts get sorted without a lengthy phone call and paper chase.
  2. Secure paperless e-procurement system – no more scraps of paper that I might lose
  3. We now use the same stock system with our suppliers too; so they can enjoy the benefits we do.

To sum it up, I can now sell more of my products with the time to give a better service to my customers. I can  make more money as they can order round-the-clock, 365 days a year – and they pay me on time!

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