eProcurement simplification using technology

No Nonsense – simplifying the process using eProcurement

From our Head of Operations, Neil Shayle:

I am very fortunate in my role that I get to meet and deal with so many different people with different challenges. Listening to each perspective new client and their colleague’s current challenges, you can see the overwhelming frustration that is being suffered, especially if they can see there is another more simplified way to do things better.

I had the opportunity recently to visit a long-standing client for a catch-up. She had recently found the old ‘black book’. This was the old ordering and stock log used many years ago for them to document, monitor and control spending. If you wanted to see what you bought a few years ago, you would simply flick through the date labelled pages and try to decipher someone’s handwriting. A small fire or a misplaced cup of coffee and all that history is decimated!

Old stock management ledger

It was fascinating to take a glimpse back in time to see how far we have all come with technology. This type of data is now electronically held, easily accessible to view year on year price changes and all with a few clicks of your mouse.

These same items ordered and delivered intelligently link through to stock and recipe production for accurate costings, links to EPOS to monitor theoretical vs actual stock plus the transactional data is seamlessly imported into finance packages to pay the suppliers.

Gone are the days when you would need to manually segregate your paper invoices to ensure they hit the right nominal code – one invoice is easily broken down for you to hit those right nominals consistently – without having to refer to the ‘black book’!

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