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Pains and gains!

Welcome to JB’s blog post! I have been asked to give you some information about how we are getting on as we are now in the 6th month of our financial year.

As with most companies that are in growth, it’s been a period of pains and gains – very exciting though, and travelling at slightly over the ‘national business speed limit’ in the outside lane!

Easiest to report to you in short paragraphs (and I’m not going to bore you with financials):

Caternet; our purchasing system is growing faster than ever – that’s a pain worth having! We have been very close to hitting the £1m per day mark on purchasing transactions.

The focused pain has been in varying performance levels as we have grown which is normal, although we never like to see short-term inconsistency. Our solution to this has been to deploy a permanent performance enhancement target in each sprint headed up by senior developer Will Sully. Within days this immediately turned the pain into some significant gains, and we are now two months into the performance enhancement plan. I am happy to report that our monitoring, both from technical performance and user feedback has been top of the class going forward.

We have also completed an extensive review of the Caternet system carried out by independent consultants, from penetration testing through to the imminent capability of offering 2FA (two-factor authentication). As with the performance work, I am happy to confirm that the Caternet system has a very strong security and constitution!

Zupa concept; the Zupa concept is building up to our first release in 2019, and the overall set of apps/systems and features are now taking shape very nicely. We now have three launches planned which will deliver the base level of functionality. From there, we will enhance through user and analysis feedback whilst also starting to develop and integrate in-house and 3rd party solutions to add to the zupaMarket ‘better business’ systems.

More about this from our site, which is currently under construction to start to roll the whole shiny new Zupa concept out into the spotlight.

Investment levels; the planned cash burn is lower than expected, due to growth in Caternet which is allowing us to add more developers into the team which in turn will be good for development velocity. We have moved temporarily into another unit at our current head office, and the pressure is now coming on me to find us a larger office still! I’m on it, and news will come in due course.

People 😊; we have an exciting vibe in Eastleigh, as new team members join us regularly, not only in development but also in marketing, finance and admin. The Christmas Party this year is certainly going to have to be rethought through and booked early! And no, we aren’t going to have name badges even though with my age, I keep forgetting things (names included)!!

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