Seven new back-office software features your food business needs

We begin 2020 fresh from a year of engineering dozens of improvements into simpler click journeys, recipes, stock, supplier interactions and alerts – all to save time and money in your hospitality business. In addition to the features completed in the past months, was the refresh of Caternet’s visual identity which in turn gave us the chance to review the platform’s UI.

Developing meaningful improvements to a product such as Caternet begins with sorting through the data we collect across our many customer touchpoints. Our planning meetings bring all ideas to the whiteboard, with different teams playing their part in championing features and benefits. We move through a process of balancing innovation and efficiency to plan the greatest value from our sprints.

Here I’ve highlighted a few of my favourite improvements!

A new Add To Basket option within recipe production

Caternet Recipe Production - Add to Basket

Our forecasting module allows recipe planning for a given day, week or month. This new option will now populate an order basket with the required ingredients and quantities to fulfil the production requirement.

A more useful Allergen Matrix Report

Caternet Updated Allergen Matrix Report Edit

Help mitigate allergen risk with an improved display and filtering. Find this under My Figures > Daily Data Reports.

Better recording and coverage of allergens for closer compliance

Caternet Updated Allergen recording

Choose a controlled operation with a wide overview of risk, especially when approved buying lists are used correctly.

Standing Orders to your schedule

Caternet Standing Order Scheduler

You are now able to schedule standing orders monthly, every 2 weeks, last/first day of a month, every third Tuesday for example – on top of the standard weekly option. This will greatly help users with supplies such as oil deliveries which tend to operate a fortnightly delivery window. Standing orders is found under My Shop.

Remap recipe ingredients

Caternet Recipe Ingredient Remapping

Fresh functionality means it’s easier to remap recipe ingredients from one item to another. A new screen lets you search and display what ingredients are in what recipes and how many recipes those ingredients appear in. Now easily choose recipes that contain ingredient A, and then choose ingredient B to map them to. This is particularly useful for users who wish to change, for example, red onions to Spanish onions or cracked black pepper to white pepper in 1000s of recipes – in seconds.

An extended Trading Summary screen

Caternet Trading Summary Screen

Completely re-written and found under My Figures, this interactive screen now includes any transfer costs and a cost of sales row. Forecasted figures are retained and a calculation added to show the difference between forecast and actual sales.

An export and import facility of sales items

Caternet Sales Items Upload

This allows easier cross-checking to EPoS reports and import required changes back into the system.

Caternet has many years of working within the hospitality industry and providing real benefit to businesses. Get to know how we can help you with what we do.

Neil Shayle is Head of Operations

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