As a supplier you have an important role in the hospitality industry.

You provide the support that makes events and businesses run smoothly. If you don’t deliver the best service on time and with a competitive price, there’s a chance your clients will look elsewhere.

Caternet provides real-time online software that will fit seamlessly into your current operations. Your business will run more efficiently with fewer disputes resulting in faster more accurate payments – and you’ll find not only will your current client relationships will become stronger, you’ll also be free to trade with an ever-growing list of new potential clients.

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Free to trade

All suppliers, no matter their size, can trade on Caternet for free and receive the same level of support as their clients. All you need is a smart phone or tablet with Internet connection.

Caternet Live Data for Hospitality

Precise, live reporting

Enjoy accurate analytics and match competitors pricing with change requests to your clients via Caternet, and prepare accurate invoices online.

Caternet Supplier Relationships

Enhance current relationships

Capture all orders in one live secure portal, whatever your client’s location. There’ll be no time wasted gathering data, therefore decisions can be made quicker to benefit your clients.

Caternet Supplier Relationship Management

Build new relationships

Benefit from a free listing on Caternet. Available to over 3,000 buyers and growing, it’s easy for clients to discover new suppliers with our free-to-trade portal. Helping you to grow your business.

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What does Caternet offer me?

  • Fewer disputes
  • Quicker and more accurate payments
  • A competitive edge with live data
  • Online real-time reporting
  • Time saved with online paperless purchases
  • Choice to upload ingredients or select from Erudus One Data Pool
  • Full support from the Caternet team

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