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Many hospitality businesses and venues have veered trading towards collection and delivery models over the last year, many have moved their services online, and some have launched retail offerings. Caternet responded with fit for purpose technical assistance and support for all of its customers and suppliers.

Our #caternetunited campaign will help to amplify your social advertising, leaving you to focus on supporting your team. Together, we can do more. That’s why we’ve opened this hub with an extended offer of help, spanning the four pillars that will form the foundation of your relaunch.

Our Team holds decades of industry experience with unmatched access to modern data tools and cost management solutions, so whether you use our process checklists to assess how you can improve efficiency, or reach out for a free use of our tools, we want to help!

As many businesses support customers, as well as suppliers and local communities, we reaffirm our commitment to the industry.

We understand that you may be too busy to read our content. That’s why we’ve launched a new podcast series too. Click here to listen!

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Redesign your operations and rewrite your opportunities

Our research is here to help your hospitality business plan the operational changes needed for a successful relaunch.

Menu Trends Winter 2020

Our demand data returns, with food and beverage search trends to profit through 2020/21. Daily specials, takeaway only or set menu exclusives—for caterers and hospitality businesses of all shapes.

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Central production kitchen software

One kitchen serves all

Central Production Kitchens were once the secret ingredient for large chains and franchised brands. Is now the time for small groups to consider money-saving, quality consistent meal production hubs?

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Meal solutions in Catering

Move to Meal Solutions?

With average chef wages at around £10 an hour, time is pressured more than ever before. Are these time savers a way to safeguard revenues in the short term?

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Help! I need my diners to read today's menu at home or on their phone

Your four-point action plan to return strong.

Caternet Wholesale Supply Management

1. Product

Your Chefs take enormous pride in sourcing ingredients. Your sommelier pairs the perfect companions. Your suppliers provide the support that help your events and businesses run smoothly.

How often do you review your supplier relationships?

Product checklist:

  • Access modern product lines, in the sizes you need
  • Quality and locality, with acceptable shelf life
  • Fresh vs frozen to match your offer
  • Service Level Agreements to keep you off the phone
  • Supply of Fair Trade, allergen and nutrition data

Have you lost touch with your purchasing?

For a limited time, we are offering a free list of hard to find suppliers. Contact us with details of your problem products.

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Overhead Management Software

2. Price

You’ve researched and found the perfect suppliers. You’ve completed your due diligence for ingredients. The quality and delivery slots are good, and your new business partner couldn’t be more supportive.

Where are your hidden costs under your relaunch?

Profit protection checklist:

  • How do you check prices are up to date and competitive
  • How do you control substitute products to eliminate surprises
  • How do you cost a meal to protect margin
  • How do you purchase and account for non-food items
  • How do new pay arrangements impact your cash flow

What are your new cost projections now you’ve revised your budgets?

For a limited time, we are offering a free Caternet Analytics P&L report, using your data. Contact us for a dive into your performance gaps.

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Caternet Supplier Relationships

3. Place

Stock management is more than first in, first out kitchen practices. Food businesses must study the story that sales and wastage data tells. Maintaining just in time processes stop your cash becoming tied up.

What are the traps to avoid?

Eliminate wastage checklist:

  • How do you schedule deliveries and control standing orders
  • Is your menu designed to share ingredients across recipes
  • Do you track sales of side orders with main dishes to build data
  • How do you publish allergens to stay safe and stop refunds
  • Will gluten-free, vegan, halal meals sell in your area

How quickly can your business respond to new trading patterns?

For a limited time, we are offering a free best practice consultation, using your menu ideas. Contact us to explore new strategies.

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Caternet Supplier Relationship Management

4. People

By far the largest cost aside from property, you have spent time building the perfect team. Once you know your staff are safe, you’ll fast find your budgets don’t match your previous patterns.

How can I control labour costs?

People checklist:

  • How can you remove manual processes from kitchen prep
  • How can you cut accountancy hours
  • How quickly can you generate a profit and loss snapshot
  • How can you reduce time spent supervising budget holders
  • How do teams access paperwork if you’re working remotely

How do I stop drowning in a sea of Google Sheets and emails?

For a limited time, we are offering two free digital recipe cards, using your ingredients. They come with allergen and nutrition sourced from manufacturers and suppliers plus automated HACCP food safety guidelines. Contact us to get started.

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As the pandemic continues, all four offers labelled as ‘limited time’ now expire on or before 20/06/2021. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw the offers at any time.

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