Return Ready Podcasts

Join Caternet’s Commercial Director Neil Shayle in conversation with James Waldron as they add colour the COVID-19 food business relaunch checklists – as found on our free Return Ready Hub. Neil covers the four food and beverage pillars you need to evaluate before reopening your operations.

Episode 1: Product

This episode asks the question ‘How often do you review your supplier relationships?‘ and discusses the traps to avoid.

Episode 2: Price

This episode asks the question ‘Where are your hidden costs under your relaunch?” with a real-life example of the cost in choosing the wrong ingredients. We also investigate the increased use of Central Production Kitchens.

Episode 3: Place

This episode asks ‘How quickly can your business respond to new trading patterns?‘ and investigates data sources that can help to renew your menu. We also talk wastage vs digital menu publishing plus a look at how the Erudus One Data Pool helps you and your suppliers!

Episode 4: People

This final episode asks ‘How can I control labour costs?‘ and investigates how to stop chefs drowning in a sea of Google Sheets and emails. We also discuss if hiring your way out of skills shortages is a good idea and how a happy kitchen staff reflects on the remainder of the business!

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