Avoiding seasonal overspending hospitality report

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No matter what size your estate or the nature of your customers, the UK food market is saturated with competition. We’re currently meeting hospitality managers and head chefs who are still reconciling data from the Christmas period. The deployment of seasonal menus (with unfamiliar recipes) and overspending on new suppliers has matched the predictable dent in profit and loss. Does this sound familiar?

First released in 2018, our report highlights the damage that price inflation has made to your industry – and the actions you can take now before the new financial year begins to steal control again. The report examines the run-up to the Christmas 2018 season. Since the time of writing, we’ve been met with headlines such as;

  • the “Casual dining crunch cost over 10,000 restaurant jobs in 2018”
    (Big Hospitality, January 2019).
  • “Food waste costs Britain’s pub operators more than £350m per year”
    (The Morning Advertiser, January 2019).

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