Issues with allergen legislation compliance

What were the biggest issues in hospitality in 2017?

As the end of another year draws nearer, we reflect on some of the key issues for restaurants, bars and pubs over the last 12 months. Overspending and tackling the growing problem of allergen legislation compliance are two issues that the hospitality industry continues to face

Allergen legislation compliance

With hospitality businesses having both strategic and commercial commitments to their investors and their clients, the benefit of having automated allergen legislative compliance is still seen as a “nice to have” and not a number one commercial priority. Many businesses are still soldiering on with a time heavy manual approach to reporting allergen compliance per dish on current and future menus.

The companies that made the decision to invest in agreeing the right partnership to automate and meet the legislative challenges shared the same concerns about prioritising their decisions in 2017. What they have found is that automating this time heavy process has enabled operators to focus on service, brand values and their business KPI’s. It’s interesting that allergens management is still such a time drain on resource, even though there are advances in technology today which could lift that burden completely.

Overspending on supplies

The cost of food produce has continued to spiral throughout 2017 with industry forecasts predicting that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. The hospitality sector has also seen consistent growth with high levels of new businesses entering its already highly competitive market.

Controlling spend and believing in gross profit margins via control of live supplier price has never been more important to enable established businesses to continue growing and for new businesses to be competitive to meet ROI. It’s no longer viable for a business to plan for growth without accurate daily visibility of the cost of goods ordered today. We expect this to continue to be a focus for 2018 and beyond.


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