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Wadworth and Caternet

This post is from 2015. The names of modules featured have since been updated. To learn more about Caternet please see what we do.

In a recent interview this month, Wadworth talked to The Morning Advertiser about what makes its kitchens tick.  In response to the following question: What is the best thing you have introduced to you company’s food offer in the past year?  Wadworth is reported to have said:

In the past couple of years we have seen a lot of innovation from Wadworth Chefs.  With the launch of our segmented pub structure, we have introduced a menubank of recipes for the five different segments.  These are discussed and developed at quarterly food development meetings with all the chefs, and managed through Caternet, an online system that can be accessed by all.  This has helped to give our offering more consistency and raise standards significantly this year.

Caternet’s family of products is growing with the launch of skyProcure, which extends the coreProcure system into an online marketplace of suppliers who are available to tender, negotiate and trade with.  Approved suppliers will commit to working with Caternet’s users directly, to find the most competitive purchasing deals which means we can offer customers like Wadworth greater flexibility and more ways to save time and money.

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