Eprocurement software for hospitality business

Three little things that could make all the difference…

As the hospitality industry continues to face its share of prices hikes, budget cuts and uncertainty in a highly competitive and demanding world, sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference.

For successful pubs, bars and restaurants, life can be hectic to say the least. The burden of admin and paperwork is an ongoing concern for many as are the many issues associated with legislation and compliance; then there is invoicing, keeping stakeholders happy and more. In fact, we’re just scratching the surface of the array of issues the industry has to face on a regular basis. While we are not proclaiming to possess a magic wand to eradicate every one of these bugbears, there are three little things that might help solve some of the problems faced, thanks to the advances in eProcurement software technology today:

Problem One:

Operators usually update their own product data and supplier price changes manually, which in reality means inaccurate reporting for all stakeholders.


Use an eProcurement software system that provides live, accurate data online, which is updated when supplier price change requests are accepted. This means that the operations, suppliers and finance team will always have the same accurate data to work with.

Problem Two:

Traditionally, chefs have to manually update allergen and nutritional information every time a new menu or indeed, a new dish is created which is a big time drain.


By automating the legislation compliance with recipe cards for front and back of house the need for manual updates is removed which frees up time and accuracy is also increased.

Problem Three:

In many cases, managers and chefs have to manually compile end of week reports with deliveries and invoices received – this can cause a huge headache especially when invoices go missing.


Using an automated system where weekly reports and invoices are completed daily removed the end of week reporting need entirely.

Food for thought indeed.

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