Hospitality stock management system to reduce waste

The Secret to Mitigating Waste

Food waste is a contentious issue. What appear to be unavoidable inefficiencies within the sector has caused extortionate quantities of food to be wasted over the years. It is rumoured that approximately one-third of all food is wasted within the UK Hospitality sector! The cause of this is overproduction, and customers leaving food on their plates. The solution is to find equilibrium and create a perfect match of supply and demand. This includes incorporating efficient uses for any food waste, limiting food production, and reducing portion sizes.

How can you efficiently use food waste? There are simple solutions that some of our former chefs used to do. Examples include throwing any vegetable offcuts (that didn’t quite make the cut for service) go straight in the stock pot/staff meal, any bacon fat that comes off the cooked bacon goes straight into a separate pot to go in the salad dressing and of course using the leftovers from service for the staff to devour. One of the things we love about helping different hospitality organisations is, when walking around the kitchens and getting to know the staff, you can see how they have incorporated their own little quirks to make the most of the equipment that they have. No two hospitality operations are the same and there is always something to learn from every one!

Using a hospitality stock management system

We are advocates for a waste-free and carbon neutral industry, and that is why we have developed our recipe control and hospitality stock management systems. We have developed these so that you can take control of your production and inventory levels, ultimately pushing to cut costs and reduce food waste from your organisation. This is something that is close to our hearts. We would be happy to show you more on how we have helped our clients save time, money and reduce waste, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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