Using an Automated Hospitality Purchasing Procedure

The rewards of using an Automated Hospitality Purchasing Procedure

Winter Has Been and is almost gone…

We are in the second week of February and past the halfway house of winter (Hallelujah!). For most Hospitality organisations, it will have been a turbulent time. The Christmas pudding and brandy of the festive cheer in December has a ripple effect, causing a significant influence over the budget in the kitchen for the months that follow.

To illustrate the above-mentioned process, historically there is a peak in demand for F&B during the month of December predominantly due to too many Mince Pies with extra clotted cream (guilty your honour!).

This has a significant effect on organisations that do not have control over their expenditure vs their budgets, due to Chefs/Managers ordering freely to meet the demands of their customers. The lack of communication between the finance department and the kitchen can become very cloudy for the bookkeeping. This is because it leads to finance having to adjust errors on their month end accounts at the start of January due to more invoices than expected, and changes in prices from suppliers vs forecasted prices. This can lead to negative sentiment between the kitchen and the finance department at the start of the year, whilst the kitchen has to squeeze their margins (or more often than not – operate at a loss).

We have worked closely with many different hospitality operations who have experienced these frustrations repeatedly. In fact, most of our team are people who have worked in this situation (Kitchen and Finance) and have come out the other side, hungry for a solution. The simple solution is to take back control, with price transparency with your suppliers; increased communication between departments; streamline the ordering process to save time (as time is a rare commodity over the festive period) and monitor the budget over the month.

Caternet technology is inspired to achieve the solutions mentioned, as follows:

  • We facilitate live supplier price control, and the price is always correct due to service level agreement. This means there are fewer invoice errors, as adjustments are managed online and in real-time – improving the accuracy of your data.
  • One portal allows finance to see what is happening in real time, and to be able to communicate with the F&B department to ensure that they understand where they stand relative to their budget. This ensures that there are no surprises in January and February.
  • Easy access to send orders to suppliers through the web portal, centralising all responsibilities into one place, allowing the chef to get through the admin quickly and focus on running the kitchen.
  • A gauge expenditure vs their budget allows the Kitchen to understand and control their expenditure first hand.

The result of all of the above leads to consolidated and accurate data, enabling the finance department to focus on analysis and fast accurate management reporting, reducing frustrations and facilitating a happy organisation!

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