Summer menu trends 2019

We’re now six months into the year and those summer menus have found their way into Britain’s casual dining restaurants and delivery services. Food businesses that use data well will have designed their dishes to check available seasonal ingredients, pulled precise historic sales figures and built recipes catering to a growing awareness of dietary requirements. The results should be at a price that gives space to upsell side orders and drinks pairings.

We’re revisiting Menu trends for 2019. This remains one of our most popular posts ever! In the original post, we used Google Trends to investigate the meals and ingredients customers were looking to either cook at home, or more importantly, give part of the £50+ that households are prepared to spend every week on hospitality goods and services.

Back then we showed you how popular premium fish had become, as well as rhubarb flavours and alcohol-free beer. Seven months later, we’ve re-run the same searches. For the most part, the public’s search data matches our own daily experience of the world of commercial kitchens and procure to pay software.

New entries

Beginning with the Home Cooking market, we find some new entries here complement the Italian-leaning winter menus;

Crispy onions
Samosa pastry

For chefs; both roux and hollandaise sauce also scored highly in the public searches – mostly buoyed by the demand for fish.

For head office menu managers, the following dishes shouldn’t come as a surprise, with its mix of perennial favourites;

Summer’s Trending Dishes

Greek salad
Pad Thai
Eton mess

Summer’s Trending Ingredients

Rhubarb and lamb were highlighted in our previous report, but appear again due to greater gains;

Rhubarb (up 300%)
(up 190%)
Carrot and coriander

Recent Mintel research cites three pillars to diners’ current restaurant habits; sustainability, health and wellness, and convenience.

Drinks Trends

As well as the unstoppable thirst for gin-based drinks, search data again matches industry sales figures and highlights the splash Aperol has made in bar sales. Perhaps unsurprisingly, cocktails enjoy a good backing with vodka recipes showing some popularity;

Rum punch (rum)
Singapore sling
White r
ussian (vodka)
Aperol spritz
Cîroc Black Raspberry

Opportunities with Daily Specials

Whether an independent or large managed estate, researching to produce a winning menu comes at a cost. Using software to buy ingredients, paired with live prices and live sales data can save both time and money. Even at this high level, the trends data shows at least a couple of dishes have either become even more popular or didn’t appear in the first place.

Could you guess a demand for Pad Thai as the weather hots up? This is your opportunity to react with Daily Specials. With Caternet, dishes can be built and costed at head office; added to kitchens’ approved buying lists and recipes deployed to chefs in a very short timeframe.

Caternet is used by hundreds of pubs, restaurants and hotels to plan daily specials and build recipes – providing true benefit to food businesses. Get to know how we can help you with what we do.

James Waldron is Content Manager at Zupa

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