The seriousness of allergies hits the headlines again

This post is from 2015. The names of modules featured have since been updated. To learn more about Caternet please see what we do.

This week we have seen yet another tragic story linked to the impact that an allergic reaction can have on a person. A young woman aged just 21 is reported to have collapsed and died after she ate a cereal bar which contained nuts (which she was allergic to). Her death was cited as a result of exercising after ingesting the food item, which had induced and worsened the reaction.

Yet again this serves as a curt reminder to many businesses of the importance of having correct food labelling and allergens information to hand. Being able to highlight and communicate clearly, the ingredients contained within all food items, really is a matter of life and death.

But keeping on track of allergens advice on a daily basis is a potential worry and drain on resource for many businesses as discovered in our recent, independently commissioned survey of F&B managers. We found that more than one third are concerned about managing allergens advice daily. Another concern is getting making mistakes and getting hefty fines as a result. But the fact remains, the stakes are high and clearly there is little room for error here so businesses must be well-informed and take measures to keep on top of this advice in the future.

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