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Regulation 14 – Keeping Care Nutrition Compliant

With care plans running up to 100 printed pages, providers are increasingly turning to kitchen management software to support their CQC nutrition and allergen responsibilities. With Caternet, care organisations build recipes and menus using live data from their suppliers.

Better outcomes in Care Catering

Going paperless means nutrition per serving is automatically calculated, with allergenic ingredients tracked and cross-referenced – transforming your Regulation 14 risk management to ensure service users are protected from the risks of inadequate nutrition and hydration.

Engaging your Catering Managers and Chefs to create recipe cards using a bank of meal preparation steps creates a digital record. This is accessible to service users and care professionals alike.

Organisations that share menus to apps or websites can build trust with families, removing dietary concerns around religious and cultural backgrounds. This saves time spent manually updating meal plans as menus change.

The Recipes and Allergens module is one of the food and beverage tools on the Caternet platform. You can request a demo using the link below.

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Around 16% of the UK population is aged over 65, with over 400,000 living in a Care environment. The UK’s care estate comprises 5,500 different providers, operating 11,300 sites between them.

The average cost of self-funded care is now £846 per week. With many service users seeking value, it is possible to balance healthcare with restaurant-quality meals.

These expectations place a further squeeze on labour and ingredient costs. With sharp increases in population, allergies and complex needs, Caternet is well placed to support your care operation and kitchens through Regulation 14.

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Updated for 2020, this free PDF introduces the concept of the Regulation and the Outcome it is measured by. It encourages discussion both inside and outside of care kitchen operations.

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Gain the facts and discover how the procurement, recipes and automated nutrition modules in Caternet software offer an integrated solution to remain compliant and combat malnutrition.

Caternet is a mix-and-match, modular platform of food and beverage tools, including purchasing, recipes, allergens, reporting, and analytics. Click here to gain an understanding of what’s available. You can request a Care sector specific demo using the link below.

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