Digital menu publishing is a window into your kitchen

In this fast-moving world of Catering and Hospitality, a perennial challenge for operators is connecting customers and potential customers at the speed with which we change our menus.

We all know the hard work that goes into creating seasonal menus, weekly menus, special occasion menus and daily specials. Chefs put the hard hours into ensuring that the offering is seasonal, uses local produce and is priced so that the business returns a profit. The target customer, of course, must be tempted and see value in the offer too. So, how frustrating is it for Chefs when all this hard work doesn’t translate to a steady flow of customers through the front door? Very! Do your customers even know the beautiful dishes that have been planned and are now being prepped especially for them? No? This doesn’t need to be the case.

Recipes and nutrition

Connecting your customers to your business is key to driving traffic through your doors. The hard work and creativity in the morning hours can now be connected to your website, apps, ePos, Kitchen Screens and social media in one click.

There are other benefits to customer connectivity too. Using a recipe management solution, like Caternet, which is then connected to all of your channels and devices, means your Chefs no longer have to calculate allergen and nutrition content of today’s offering, as this is automated. What this means to your customer is that they can see in advance of visiting your establishment what is on offer today with specific information for them. Gym goers can plan to fit in the right workout followed by high protein dishes within their workhour, and those watching their carb intake can choose dishes specific to their diet too.

Hidden benefits

Chefs can also build libraries of recipes and simply drag and drop recipes (with today’s live price) into menus with your own design and logos, reducing marketing cost on expensive reprinting.

Times have changed with both customers and operators benefitting from live, online connectivity. Chefs’ creativity and time-consuming work now translate into footfall with customers able to manage their own dietary requirements and become better educated in relation to allergen and nutrition management.

If you would like to drive revenue with peace of mind in relation to allergen content, we’d love to talk with you.

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