Allergens: Happy Anniversary (or not)

St Valentine’s Day might be only days away but the two month anniversary of the new allergens legislation which came into force back on 13 December last year, has left a less than warm and cosy feeling amidst 98% of F&B managers who have concerns about managing the new allergens guidelines moving forward, and for good reason.

Ensuring customers get the correct allergens information is vital

Most of us are aware of the tragic incident that happened in a Manchester restaurant just a few weeks back, and to add to this, we’ve just uncovered some more findings via a piece of independent research which has shown that ‘staff giving out the wrong information to customers’ is one of the biggest single worries amongst the F&B profession with a whopping one third citing this as a major concern.

So what now for allergens? Last year the focus was on getting ready for the impending deadline, now it’s about keeping your head above the water for what can be a very serious issue if it goes wrong, certainly if recent headlines are anything to go by.  Ensuring customers get the correct allergens information is vital and can be a matter of life and death in some cases, so it’s understandable that this is a concern for many.  Equally, keeping on top of that advice daily can be a huge drain on resource and this is where day to day management can be a struggle. As a result, business must start using the advances in technology out there to ensure they can keep on top of this stuff on a daily basis.

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