Exciting news of our new zupStar app

Welcome to 2018 and news of our zupaMarket App!

Welcome to 2018 and welcome to a zupa2018!

Here at Zupa, we have ‘zoomed’ into the New Year with continued development within the Caternet system, and an influx of Zupa new people in Development and IT! Our team has increased over the last quarter from 17 to 23, and we are continuing with our recruitment plan.

We also had a record sales year in 2017, with the system performance continuing to deliver as we grow towards £500,000 of purchases through the system per day. It has certainly been a busy year!

But onto 2018, and we are entering a new round of investment that is getting very exciting as we break new ground with our mission to be better on behalf of our many users;

  1. Helping to create better apps to help people manage their lifestyles
  2. Creating better business systems by allowing all business sectors to buy products and services as they wish, whilst controlling spend and saving time and money
  3. Helping to invest in better ethical World solutions, to help those who may not be as well off as ourselves in the developed world.

Whilst I am known for my view that I don’t care if it ain’t broke, we are going to make it better anyway (that comes from many years of ‘continuous improvement’), our ‘zupaMission’ is to be better through innovation… and it all kicked off on Monday 8th January with the very first sprint to start our zupaMarket business and personal apps! I won’t be telling you about all the jewels upfront, but will be bringing you news as the plan unfolds and the apps come to market!

Finally, a second-generation Brand has arrived in town in the New Year! Ollie Brand has joined the team as Head of Research and Innovation. He has grown up in an entrepreneurial environment and is bristling to build his experience and show how he can innovate within the Zupa concept. Remembering when I worked for my father in 1976 as a holiday job (some readers will remember the heat of that summer), he put me to work to help build a sewage plant… next to an existing sewage plant! That was my test of ‘Brand resolve’, and whilst I won’t be exposing Ollie to the heat (and smells!) of that summer, he will be right on the front line supporting all our zupaPeople in this exciting strategy.

Next blog set from me will begin to profile the strategy for readers, as we move through 2018 and the Zupa concept starts to put its shiny new wheels on!

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