Advantages of catering management software

Time-wasting in the hospitality business

The hospitality industry is notorious for racking up hours of time wasted on admin tasks that often have little impact on bottom line profit and in many cases, take people away from the main purpose of their role. So, how much time do we waste in an average day?

Can you cast your mind back on how you’ve spent the hours of an average day? If you are like most industry professionals out there you probably spend most days running at full speed and wondering where all of the time went! The pace of the working day goes too quickly, the demands keep piling up and before you know it you are completely overwhelmed by it all and are probably underachieving on targets and objectives simply because you are being pulled in all directions and you can’t see the wood for the proverbial trees.

The Art of Time-Wasting

Sound familiar? The interesting thing is, Caternet ran an independent survey across the hospitality industry a few years ago asking food and beverage management how they spent their working day; the result was that more than 50% admitted to spending too much time on admin and not enough time doing their actual job. In fact, 52% spent more than four hours per week on paperwork and almost half admitted to spending anything up to twenty hours per week on paperwork alone.

We were tempted to repeat the survey exercise this year to see how far things had changed, but in all honesty we don’t need to. The conversations we are having regularly with numerous bars, restaurants, pubs and hotels out there proves that the admin battle still rages on today and continues to be a growing concern for managers who are struggling to find enough hours in the day to place orders, manage purchasing, cost control, invoices and report to finance – all within budget and on time.

Using catering management software

What we are hearing, is that people are doing lots of this stuff manually or with out-dated systems and processes which can be hugely time-consuming not to mention costly in the long run. This is still happening today despite the advancements in catering management software and the benefit of automated systems, which join all of these processes up.

Cost is of course always an issue, but try comparing the upfront cost of installing fit for purpose technology with the cost of the number of wasted manpower hours every week spent on admin and paper shuffling and the solution suddenly becomes much clearer.

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