The Zupa Year so Far 

We are certainly putting the ‘Zupa’ in Caternet. Year to date has been an exciting period as we have welcomed in new clients, grown our workforce (expanding our office in the process!) and been focusing on continuously improved performance on the platform. In fact, we have grown performance to the point where we tipped the scales recently at more than £895,000 of orders in one day through the Caternet system. Come on, the £1m barrier!

In the new client space, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with Radish, the Manor House and the Coffee House.

  • Radish is an exciting contract catering group, that recently made a transition from being the Churchill Services Group. Following acquisitions of both Redcliffe Catering and Pride Catering, all of the above are united under the Radish ‘It’s All Good’ brand.
  • The Manor House is an independent Hotel managed through Best Western Plus, based in Staffordshire.
  • The Coffee House is an expanding coffee shop chain based in the North.

As we always say here at Zupa, our success mirrors our client’s success. We look forward to working to make their purchasing processes as efficient as possible over the coming months.

As our Sales Director mentioned on the zupaJobs blog last week (in his post titled ‘The Sales Process – the right fit‘), we like to take the time to ensure we are the right fit to our client’s business. This is before even thinking about the prospect of a contract. We want to ensure that we can meet and exceed their expectations, ultimately to save them time and money as well as delivering user satisfaction, removing their current pains in the process.

The Zupa family continues to expand! We have grown our team to include new developers and testers, ensuring that we deliver our solutions to the highest standard. We have also developed the latest instalment of the Zupa concept; If you are looking to work within the IT sector, be it in admin, testing, development, general IT/networks, or other disciplines such as sales, support and operations, please do not hesitate to visit zupaJobs, where you can submit an application and upload your CV. We are always excited to meet prospective members of the Zupa family.

Finally, we are working towards being a completely efficient, carbon neutral organisation. We are currently in the process of going for our ISO14001, as our Head of HR and Administration, Katie Roberts, wrote about in March, and we can’t wait to update you with more information in the second half of this year. Watch out for updates soon!

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