Automated purchasing software

The Importance of Automated Systems

As time goes on, the sophistication of technology accelerates. However, many industries are not as quick to uptake IT systems as others, and therefore are not beneficiaries of what comes with adopting software solutions. We are going to look at some of the ways that adopting Hospitality Purchasing Software will help you and your business, enabling you to improve your organisation.

Saving Time

Losing time over counting beans is a thing of the past. Live pricing from the supplier and automated data collection throughout the purchasing process allows for instant reporting. This means the team no longer must spend hours creating reports and can instead use the data that is generated to analyse and establish a different plan of attack. This does have a causal effect in changing the roles of the individuals who are a part of this process. It gives them the opportunity to further develop their role to provide a more in-depth understanding of all stakeholders in the purchasing process and then enables them to innovate and implement changes to further improve the process.

Saving Money

We have identified three ways to look at how the adoption of purchasing software saves money:

  • 1. Software provides control. Using Hospitality purchasing software provides more transparency around the purchasing process. This is through live supplier pricing and service level agreements (SLA). With this level of transparency, this ensures there is control over what is spent, in comparison to the budget. With that, there comes effective planning and increased communication between the buyer and the supplier.
  • 2. Saving money through smart ordering. Tracking your order history, and with the use of recipe systems, it provides the tools for the chef to order the right amount, opposed to over ordering. Ironing out any discrepancies and it also leads to a reduction in waste.
  • 3. Getting more for your money – working smarter and not harder. As discussed in the saving time section above, by reducing the team’s time doing manual tasks, this enables everyone to start doing more analysis. Allowing your team to do more with less effort, this results with better reporting and enables you to have an elaborate understanding of your purchasing procedures.

Saving Time and Money

This is the compounding factor, that provides the space to expand and scale your business, spend more time doing research and development and generally become more productive.
There are many benefits to adopting eprocurement software. If you would like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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