eProcurement software for the hospitality sector

The Benefits of eProcurement Software

For a hospitality organisation that is looking for an eProcurement system, it can be a daunting process trying to onboard with a system that:

  1. You know nothing about;
  2. Will disrupt the way you do things; and
  3. Is perceived to take time and effort to learn.

We have decided to simply illustrate the benefits of throwing caution into the wind and embracing a system like Caternet. We can assure you that you will be pleased with the results:


Control your own destiny, young Grasshopper, otherwise someone else will’. This is relevant to supply chain actions. When you conduct all your purchasing through a portal, you have control over your orders. This is from wither giving permissions to orders, or being able to gain insights into how your budget has been allocated and what is forecasted. Therefore, it allows you to analyse spend and perfect the process, preventing any nasty surprises at the Heads of Dept meeting at the end of the month! This includes recipe management and stock control, ensuring that you optimise your spend, and cater the perfect amount every time. With this, it enables you to have control over your suppliers by having a direct instant portal that displays stock levels and mitigates the situation of ordering, and the next day receiving a note stating they are out of stock of that specific product.


With an SLA, prices are updated and live. Therefore, the price that you see on the system is the price that you will receive on the invoice. Meaning there are no discrepancies or confusion when you receive a different price to the one that was advertised. In addition to that, we compare the price of the same product from all the suppliers on the system, allowing you to understand where you fit into the big picture and if you need to discuss this with your supplier.


Everything that is done on the system is instant. Things that used to take longer such as reciting the order through the phone, manually calculating expenditure, creating a report to show how the money has been allocated in the month and speaking to the finance department to gain approval on spending, are all instant. This has saved our clients up to 40 hours of admin per month.


The software facilitates better communication internal to the business, and with suppliers. With instant reporting, it allows the facts to be provided to everyone instantly, which means there is minimal miscommunication allowing you to make better and more informed decisions.


Ultimately, we aim to make everyone in the purchasing process happy, saving them Time and Money. If this is of interest, please get in touch to have a demo.

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