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New technologies in hospitality stock management

We like to look at relevant technologies that could complement our stakeholder’s operations in one way or another. Previously, we have looked at some quirky topics such as Blockchain technology. This week we are going to focus on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an immense subject, and we have only started to scratch the surface on how this can benefit the economy. Our first IoT subject that we are going to focus on is one that could hugely benefit the hospitality industry – RFID tagging.

What is RFID tagging?

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification tagging is a chip that can hold a piece of information. The chip can be picked up by radio waves and provide the scanner with said information, from a distance. The information is a plain text inscription, which is generated when the chip is picked up by a scanner. This technology is capable of automatically identifying a person, a package or any object that the chip is attached to. An RFID tag’s appearance is a little copper coil with a chip attached to it. This can be a thumbnail-sized tag, which could be attached to fresh inventory.

Now imagine the possibilities for these in the stock room! We look at this as a potential solution for a completely automated stock management system. Installing a radio scanner above the door within a walk-in fridge would allow the scanner to discover the exact quantity of each product that enters and leaves the stock room. Having an automated and concise tally of your stock levels is the final bastion to automating the entire procurement process.

How far can this go?

If you were always able to have the exact stock levels, and incorporating this with a recipe management system. As an example, at a school the caterer would only have to enter the number of pupils in attendance on that given day, which would generate suggested dishes that you can create with what you have, in comparison to what you need to order! At the click of a button, the kitchen can minimise sunk and perishable costs by managing optimal inventory levels, in so doing reducing wastage.

Our hospitality stock management system

At Caternet we are always assessing the next steps of what could help a hospitality organisation become more efficient. With live prices, a portal that has instant reporting and the ability to manage permissions as to whom can obtain this information within the company, it will put the kitchen in good stead to meet and exceed the finance department’s expectations (and save time for that matter!). Whilst we haven’t incorporated the RFID tagging (due to how expensive it is at the moment), we do have an integrated stock management system that is updated against the purchasing and recipe systems, stopping the kitchen from getting their abacus out on more than a weekly basis!

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