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Global-gastronomy and its effect on the UK

We are living in the greatest age of the UK restaurant sector. We have been spoilt, as there has been growing awareness of the different types and genres of dish and ingredient that are available globally. In so doing, this has created opportunities for restauranteurs in the UK who are carrying heritage recipes over from distant lands and innovating. We are all becoming more adventurous with our palettes – never have tacos from Mexico, Arepas from Venezuela or Hoppers from Sri Lanka, ever been so trendy in the UK. This new-found sense of adventure in the UK culinary sector has teed up an opening for specialists in all the different types of food categories, and in doing so, for food suppliers as well.

Globalisation is something that is playing its part in all of this. Never has the other side of the planet been so close. It means that exotic ingredients are showing up in the supermarkets, and recipes that were not previously possible to be made at home have become attainable. With this, people’s gastronomic knowledge has improved. This knowledge has been channelled through general publications and cookbooks, the internet and of course restaurants (both dine out and takeaway). Whilst we have had some international cuisine that have come to be known as staples on the Friday night takeaway list, derivatives of the status quo are frequently becoming available, right on our doorstep!

How a restaurant management system could help

All being said, the casual dining sector has had it’s challenges this year, as our Head of Operations Neil Shayle previously discussed here. Reasons could be due to saturation of a certain market, external supply related issues or simply due to business administrations troubles. However, many have persevered, and some have found such a niche genre that has resonated with the pallets of the UK, that they are here for the long run and are expanding at such an astronomical rate. With this accelerated rate of growth, you will need a restaurant technology solution to help you scale your business. We are here to support you as you hit the numerous milestones in your growth. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Also, the team would be more than happy to come and give you feedback on your offering (we say licking our lips!).

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