Hospitality procurement software

ERP Chart of Accounts – how we make our technology ‘fit for purpose’

If you manage your catering in-house, plan A deploys the ‘Caternet F&B’ application first. We can then work with you on product, service and ‘quick template’ purchasing within one specific department. That works well as a pilot for the rest of the community. If you are contracted however, plan B simply changes F&B for the departments who look after stationery, books, estates (dependent on size and team), computer consumables, and so on. The finance team take centre stage as all purchasing and budgeting workflow processes come home to roost in the finance department. This is also where we start to look for super-users who are confident team members on computers. The system is intuitive and easy to use, but it is always good to have ‘buddies’.

We meet with you, your accounts team, and any other departmental managers you feel should be involved. We identify the central project managers on each side, go through your chart of accounts, categories and any other nominal reference codes you currently use for your main school budget.

An integration specification for your finance system (this normally comes from your software dealer WCBS, Oasis, Sage, etc.) is sourced.

We integrate the confirmed transactions to your finance system to allow suppliers to be paid, reducing the paper chase considerably. We on-board your choice of suppliers, we agree the initial list of users, and finally your mobilisation target dates.

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