The future of Caternet under Zupa’s wing

A message from our Founder and Product Owner, Jerry Brand:

Now that we have started to join up the dots on what the Zupa concept is all about, our colleagues and clients are interested in understanding what the future of Caternet is. Let’s logically analyse where we take Caternet, as for sure the journey is far from over!

The trick here is to understand the future with our collective Zupa vision across various levels;

  • zupaMarket is designed to be Caternet’s successor for eProcurement only
  • zupaMarket will be open to all 3rd party-based support software modules from finance, stock, recipes/allergens, maintenance, HR, Payroll… the list goes on
  • That allows zupaMarket to link to existing customer systems thereby making it easier to deliver what will be the World’s most advanced and focused eProcurement system to a client with little loss in their historical investment in user training on other platforms…
  • We will be creating a range of Caternet hospitality-based modules that will be ‘1st Class citizens’ for zupaMarket – by doing this, our current customers will benefit from the familiarity with the systems they have used for many years, and that will help make the transition from the Caternet system to the new zupaMarket software
  • By doing this, we can now start to bring in our ‘1-click’ action concept, where our app users (so that means zupaMarket and Caternet modules along with zupaSafe, zupaStar, zupaChat, zupaTrader, zupaPay and zupaDeal) will be able to deep link across all the zApps to achieve their personal ‘zupaVerse’ of personal and business-minded activities online…
  • The other major change to our strategy of eProcurement is to move our business from just Business to Business (with the target of ‘better business’ by maximising the savings in costs that zupaMarket will continue in Caternet’s footsteps), to add Business to Consumer, which means making zupaMarket enabled to trade with members of the public – we do this with zupaTrader…
  • zupaTrader is an eCommerce system; what does that mean exactly? It means that anyone, single trader/member of the public through SME to national/International businesses can integrate with zupaTrader (and zupaMarket) to create a retail platform for products AND services that they can sell and account for directly into their chosen finance and other relevant systems

Frankly, I can’t wait until we begin to run prototype groups and put our software to the test, ahead of when our customers are able to work with our emerging software.

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