Supporting each other through COVID-19

We would like to provide assurances regarding our business continuity plans to support you through this concerning time. As we are a Gold Microsoft Partner and with 15+ years in business we have robust contingency plans in place which we have now brought into effect and will extend should Government guidelines further change. 


  • What happens if all your staff are working remotely?
    All staff at Zupa are enabled to work remotely with VPN access to our network, plus we operate voice-over-IP telephone numbers which divert calls to our computers and smartphones. We are enabled on Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps, and Atlassian; all of which provide team collaboration even though we are not in the same location. You shouldn’t notice any disruption to our operations. 
  • What happens if all your Support staff are out-of-action?
    As part of our plan, a separate team has been trained to respond to support queries, should the need arise.
  • What happens if I need to change my IP address? 
    This is not a problem. We do not whitelist any client IP addresses. 
  • What if you cannot visit your datacentres? 
    In this scenario, we have a Remote Hands option.
  • What happens if my electricity fails? 
    You don’t lose data other than the information that you were sending across the internet at that nanosecond. Caternet will simply reboot and you can carry on where you left off. Our datacentres have seven days of fuel, with plans in place to get more fuel if needed.   

The hospitality industry will recover

We will do everything we can to accommodate your decisions. Simply inform our team. Plus, any pub, restaurant or venue who has changed their offer into takeaway during coronavirus, we are happy to retweet you. Just use #caternetunited so we can find you!

If you have any questions regarding our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) or our general contingency plans, please contact us.

Our intention is to minimise any disruption to our services, and I hope together we can help reduce the spread of the virus in line with Government objectives. We stand by to help you #ReturnReady.

Warm wishes,
Neil Shayle, Commercial Director

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