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A Message from the Support Desk

On the Support Desk, we aim to uphold and deliver the Company’s key focus points through our everyday working lives. These points are listed below along with a short description of how we deliver and/or uphold these focus points.

Customer Service – This is our number one priority on the support desk as we interact with clients on a day to day basis and believe that a happy consumer base is integral to any good business structure. We deliver the best customer service we can by being thorough, polite and efficient in everything we do, from dealings with both external and internal clients.

The Team – Our second priority is our support team itself, we are constantly bouncing ideas off each other, planning how to tackle large jobs and splitting them accordingly to allow us to deliver a potentially huge job for one client in a faster and more efficient way, whilst still maintaining the quality of work we do.

Fairness – We believe in a fair working environment for both our internal team and our clients. We maintain this by making sure that any client requests are handled in a professional and timely manner without overloading one specific member of the team. With flexible hours in the team we can ensure a fair and comfortable working place for our team.

Improvement – We are always looking for continuous improvement within the company and our own team which is why we keep a record of customer satisfaction through our ticketing system, Jira. At the end of each project we undertake as a team we always think about what went well, what could have been done better and what did not go so well.

Technology – This is important for any major tech company and we’re no exception. We always aim to keep up to date with the latest technology and software to help improve clients experience, whether it be support ticketing software or an upgrade to our phone technology. This helps us greatly when hosting web conferences for training or meeting purposes with our clients.

In summary, we strive to uphold these five key focus points which are the cornerstones of what we do. We are all about delivering fast, quality and friendly customer service and giving our clients the best we can to encourage positive feedback for the company, whilst retaining the healthy internal relationships we have in the office.

The Caternet Support Desk aims to provide clients with a more comprehensive and value-added service, to assist with all aspects of the Caternet provision. Open Monday to Friday, from 09.00 – 17.30, support is available over the phone and via email. All advice is free of charge to those clients whose agreement includes a support contract.

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