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A day in the life of Operations from our Head of Operations – Neil Shayle

This week, we thought it would be nice to gain some insight in to what our Operations team gets up to when meeting with new and existing clients. We are pleased to give you ‘a day in the life of Ops, from our Head of Operations, Neil Shayle. Over to you, Neil!’

6:00 am

Quick scan of emails and a cup of tea to start the day as I prepare for the day ahead. Today’s main focus is delivering end user training on ordering and bookwork to a new client and their pilot sites and champions. The car is packed with my training material and handout packs and I am dressed in my Zupa shirt, excited and ready to meet new people and users to the system.

8:00 am

After a ‘pleasant’ trip around the M25 I reach my destination of Luton and the clients head office. A quick call into my office and the support team to catch up on the day’s planned activities and to ensure all is ok. I advise I will be a little uncontactable whilst in the session.

9:00 am

Delegates arrive and I am to train 8 people today, which is an optimum number to cover the exercises and discussion points. A brief intro and we are straight into the session and topics of ordering, stock and bookwork. I feel a tad under pressure as during the ice breaker intro all the delegates state they have heard so many good things about zupaCaternet, with some using it before in other companies and they cannot wait to get started  – It’s showtime!

12:00 pm

We break for lunch. So far we are on schedule with the training and the morning session has been well received. I use the opportunity to call my office and catch up on some voicemails and emails.

12:30 pm

The training resumes with a recap on the morning session to ensure any extra questions thought about during lunch need answering

16:00 pm

Session draws to a close. I stay on at the client’s premises to check and respond to any urgent emails before making the drive back home. I contact the support team to check up with them how the day went and feedback on today’s session. I check the support monitoring stats which shows a healthy 95% completion with a handful of open support tickets – our target each day is +90%

18:00 pm

I return home. I start to draft my review and next steps following today’s session for the client’s project manager ready to send in the morning and start to read the latest release notes, as we have an upgrade going into the system at the weekend for Monday’s use

Always all systems go, but my priority is quality and ensuring that the client’s every need is met from the point that they leave the sales process and onwards.

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