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Growing legislative and consumer demand to disclose allergen and nutrition data shouldn’t stand in the way of growing your business. Caternet Menu Publishing combines recipe management software with new, clear communication channels.

Publishing ingredients and allergens to interactive menus, across a wide range of convenient, always-on channels has proven itself to build trust and amplify footfall. Guests can avoid bad experiences by planning ahead, whether you’re a seasonal catering operator or large and varied hospitality estate. Because your wholesalers supply data through a live connection, you can be sure your recipes are always correct.

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How Caternet Menu Publishing works

Caternet Procurement Allergen Alert

Ingredient data is sourced at procurement

Maintained and updated by your suppliers, buying ingredients through Caternet means allergen data is displayed before you add the unit to your order. You have chosen a controlled operation with a wide overview of risk, especially when approved buying lists are used correctly.

Plus, because you buy through Caternet at live prices, you know you’re purchasing at today’s rates with no hidden discounts or rebates.

Caternet Recipe Builder

Recipes built with automatic nutrition and allergen detail

Efficient and effective, deploying centrally-produced dish preparation steps can identify and mitigate risk.

Caternet’s recipe builder adds the vendor-supplied data automatically. The software includes nutrition and EU allergen compliance alerts, as well as digital HACCP food safety analysis guidelines.

Caternet Menu Publishing 3

Menus compiled and published

Data is seamlessly pulled from the recipes library into the menu publishing portal. From here, a drag and drop content builder and media library allows for easy menu building.

You can now deploy live, accurate and custom branded menus to mobile apps, in-store digital displays, websites and social media platforms. There is also the option to print menus in a simple format, such as for the table or for labelling.

This is an effortless way to update any failing dishes or out-of-stock elements, and for guests to inspect your menu, including daily specials, before they arrive.

Time and money savings realised

Everyone from the chef-manager to head office benefits when processes are streamlined. Removing the manual task of updating cookbooks, websites and other channels, returns time and money into your business.

Your kitchens are now in a position to be more responsive to seasonal choices and daily sales. You also know that all staff are using the same training materials.


Meet the Recipes and Allergens module

The foundation of Caternet Menu Publishing is our recipe engine. Anywhere a purchasing decision is made; anywhere that sources, produces or sells food and beverage needs software to track spend and consumption. That’s why we created our comprehensive recipe engine, whilst assisting catering and hospitality businesses to remain compliant with allergy legislation. This is one module you can choose when building your solution.

About the Recipe engine Food allergy resources

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You can now supercharge your guest experience with our Ten Kites reseller integration. Ten Kites’ technology links seamlessly to your existing Recipes and Allergens module – to meet food labelling requirements with instantly updated EPoS, online ordering and kitchen cookbooks.

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