By giving both the finance team and catering managers live overview of their admin time and recipe costing, we’ve saved time and money at Oundle School.

Large school food administration demonstration

The business challenge

As one of Britain’s leading co-educational boarding and day schools, the catering team at Oundle School had fourteen Boarding Houses and a junior school to manage – a large operation with a lot of responsibility.

So when it was identified that too much admin time was being wasted correcting invoices due to out of date supplier prices, they knew they had a real concern. Recipe costs were continually inaccurate, budgets were forever being exceeded and there was no obvious way of taking control without live visibility.

The solution

Working with Oundle School, Caternet addressed these key problems and incorporated the Caternet hospitality procurement software seamlessly into their existing operations.

With Caternet’s live price guide the catering team could now start to cost recipes with accurate margins. Competitive purchasing was guaranteed without the need to shop around, and they finally felt they had complete control of their costs, eliminating overspend. This alone has reduced and sustained their annual purchasing spend without scrimping on quality.

Our software also enabled the Oundle catering team to fine-tune their supplier list. Existing relationships that worked efficiently were strengthened and new suppliers were bought on board.

Caternet also made life easier for the finance team. With fast, integrated online reporting, accurate invoices and real time visibility, admin time was reduced by an amazing 2.5 days per week.

Catering management software demonstration

Modules used

Caternet eProcurement Software

eProcurement with integration to finance

Allergy and Nutrition Management

Live recipe builder

Stock Management Software

Stock management

Caternet has literally changed my life! I used to spend every afternoon keying data into our finance software. I no longer need to do this as this happens automatically with Caternet. Administrator Oundle School

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