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When Harrow School required software to migrate their catering requirements online without affecting their culture, Caternet had the reputation to match.

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The business challenge

Founded in 1572, Harrow School is an independent boarding school for boys. The school’s catering department had an established culture and process that worked for them. However, when Cally Logsdon replaced the Director of Catering in 2014, she realised she needed a system that worked online to provide live costs and transfer of data visibility.

Logsdon wanted to cause minimum disruption to the existing processes, so she looked for a company that could support her in mobilising their current system. And then tailor the software to ensure it worked within the Harrow culture.

The solution

Caternet had the solution for managing the vast catering department on Cally’s terms. Working with the Harrow team, Caternet mobilised the catering chart of accounts, events management, budget and modelling areas. The target was to help Cally manage this very large operation on a live ‘daily data’ basis, and to prove this concept was beneficial to both the catering and finance departments.

When the monthly figures were processed, Cally was able to demonstrate that she was saving money through the live price comparison. And, overall the finance team were saving approximately 40 hours per month in admin time, thanks to accurate invoices, integrated online reporting and real time visibility.

The Caternet software even enabled the team at Harrow to trade smarter, be more flexible with their recipes, and remove extra concerns like allergen regulations.


Revolutionising eProcurement systems

Modules used

Caternet eProcurement Software

eProcurement with Finance package integration

Allergy and Nutrition Management

Live recipe builder

Stock Management Software

Stock management

We collectively save time and money by using the Caternet online ordering platform. We purchase from preferred local and national suppliers, easily compare prices and accounts get the data instantly to pay suppliers. Cally Logsdon Harrow School

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