Running and growing a hospitality business can be an immense task, especially when your departments don’t work seamlessly together.

Caternet establishes a strong reliable hospitality specific online platform that supports accurate inter-department data and reports. Rather than enduring time wastage with manual processes, our software streamlines them, enabling you to make fast, informed decisions that you’re confident with.

How? Instant live data, 24 hours per day, continuously informing your finance software. Which means it has never been easier to accurately forecast cash flow, right down to the pence, and allocate more of your time to focusing on growth.

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Guaranteed best prices

As well as our intelligent software being a lower price than our competitors, Caternet guarantees you’ll be getting the best price, every time on service and goods.

Overhead Management Software

Reduced overheads

No big upfront fees, free upgrades and integrates effortlessly with existing management, operational and financial software. Reducing your yearly outgoings considerably.

Caternet Spend Control Software

Controlled spending

Reduce your annual spend on goods and services by an average of 5-15% with set purchase and authorisation levels. Ensuring budgets on items besides food and drink aren’t exceeded.

Caternet Price Comparison Software

Competitively priced

Enjoy lower costs with our live price guide and forget about inflated prices. We don’t hide any rebates or discounts. All of your suppliers are able to trade cost-free.

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How Caternet works

Recipe builder engine

Guaranteed real-time purchasing

Shopping around for the best price may save you money, but it can cost you in time. With Caternet’s live price guide you can guarantee you’re getting competitive purchasing for all your procurement needs, not just food and drink.

Our easy to understand traffic light system, enables you to see the high and low prices of comparable products, leaving you free to negotiate what’s best for your operation.

Spend management software

Control costs and eliminate overspends

Caternet software means you can say goodbye to over spending. Mirroring your approved budgets and utilising your existing finance system, our software provides you with full control over your spending.

Simply set specific, authorised spending levels at a user, group or departmental level across all your trading locations, and feel rest assured your budget won’t be broken.

Finance management software for Catering businesses

Precise reporting

Eliminating the chance of errors and modernising your reporting and financial systems couldn’t be easier. Our software will replicate your own chart of accounts and facilitate forecasting. You’ll be able to enjoy accurate analytics including stock consumption and profitability right down to item level.

And, to make every report easy to track and audit, every invoice adjustment includes an HMRC-friendly digital date stamp.

Data management software for the food industry

Retain or build new supplier relationships

Relationships are important. So when you’re in the hospitality industry we realise the last thing you want to happen is to be let down. That’s why our software is accessible on all devices and browsers, which means your trusted suppliers can join Caternet for free.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for new relationships, Caternet can help there too. With over 2,500 suppliers already onboard with us, it’s easy to discover new ones with our free-to-trade portal.

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