There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering missing or incorrect invoices, paperwork that isn’t up-to-date or budgets that haven’t been adhered to.

Closing the gap between operations and finance could save your department more than 2.5 days a week in time. Which is exactly what Caternet’s fully integrated operational and finance hospitality purchasing software has been created for.

Working seamlessly with operations and your existing finance package, Caternet will provide you with fast, integrated online reporting. Whether ordering, transactions, analytics, budgeting or even stock control, you can tackle these quickly, and focus your skills on analysing live accurate data.

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Save more than 2.5 days a week in admin time

Screen displaying our hospitality purchasing software Screen displaying our hospitality purchasing software

Real time visibility

No more wasting time trying to predict how orders, transactions, reconciliations and stock are affecting your business

HMRC-friendly paperless process

All reconciled invoices are date stamped and tracked to individuals making auditing a simple task

Online paperless purchases

Invoices and disputes are all dealt with online doing away with credit notes; therefore reducing time spent correcting and adjusting invoices

Online reporting

Eradicates the gap between operations and finance with the same accurate information available to both departments in real time

Live data

Prepare monthly P&L statements quicker with accurate data and no missing invoices

Straightforward budgeting

Add your agreed budgets with automated control on expenditure, to make budgeting quick and easy

Why choose Caternet?

Our hospitality procurement software works in harmony with your current operations to create a reliable, cost-effective eProcurement foundation for your business.

Plus, because we personally designed Caternet from the ground up, focusing entirely on our own business experience challenges and live user feedback, we’re lower cost than our competitors.

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Why choose Caternet

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