DAILY DATA by Caternet

    Give back time to busy F&B professionals, cut costs and boost margins, these are Caternet's objectives with our new Daily Data system and unique One Screen technology.

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    Meet the Caternet Family

    People from both our organisations who work together to deliver the Caternet benefits to your business.

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    Caternet for Chefs

    A system that works for you and designed by chefs. It works by automating many daily time-consuming routines as well as putting you in control of your suppliers and subsequent quality of goods purchased.

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    Caternet for Finance

    Working with Caternet has joined the dots up between our departments. The catering team spends the money to ensure it is well spent. A paperless feed of supplier agreed invoices means all we need to do is to pay the bill.

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    Caternet for Managers

    The concept of daily data means that the system pushes you to plan, operate and then inform everyone how you did. The immediacy allows us to do something about our budget forecast.

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    Caternet for Suppliers

    Caternet wants to give you our paperless eProcurement system free of charge so that you can expand your business.

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